Friday, January 22, 2010

new year, 2010, yeah yeah I know

Things to do this year:
Get in shape. (Not round even though that is a shape technically)
Get married. (10/9/10)
Buy a house.
Build/paint a playable 200pt Space Wolf Army.
Build/paint a tournament size (Indy GT) Beastmen Army.
Begin work on Renegade/Pirate Space Marine chapter using current SM codex.
Complete one of:
Finish a novel
Finish Game System, begin playtesting
Open bar
Open Catalog/online store (homehealth or gaming)

links for the link impaired...

HTML / bbcode tutorial for linking things...

Href is the tag you use to embed a link in a page if it uses HTML
Example "<" a href= ">"Enter Text Here "<" /a ">"

removing the quotation marks in the example above gets you this:

Enter Text Here

for Forums/pages that use BBCode its a url tag you use:
[url=]Enter text here[/url]
You don't have to remove anything from that example as this blog doesn't recognize bbcode tags.

That's it for links in 2 formats. That's all for now...