Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Minos in Progress...

     Started on the minotaurs last night.
I'm going to need a second box. I LOVE the great weapons they provide for these guys. I think I'll be converting up some of the hand weapons as Frost weapons for my space wolves. Or at the very least, power weapons.
     So far I only have the musician complete, but I'm planning to assemble the champ and standard bearer this evening after arriving home from work.
My only complaint about the figs are the feet. They look like human legs and feet with hooved 'toes'. And yes, in traditional greek mythology the minotaur was simply a man with a bull's head, but this is my goat-man army! The minotaur art in the army book on page 35 shows hooves and goat legs. Sheesh, the giant box set has a hoofed foot option even.
     Ah well, it could be worse. These guys are a definite step up from the last minotaurs we had access to from GW. I've got more minos to work on, and another box to pick up... As always, happy modeling.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aaaand we're back...

I'm back, I'm married (There were dwarves and a dragon on the cake!), and I got minis as a wedding gift. How cool is that? My wife received a shiny new screaming bell for her rats and I got a box of minotaurs for the beastherd. Granted, I knew we were getting them as our buddy called and asked ahead of time what we needed, but foreknowledge of a gift's contents doesn't make the gift any less great.
     What it does do is make me figure out how I will be fielding my minos and assemble thusly.
     Do I want them running around with the extra hand weapon? It's great for the front rank, but doesn't help any with subsequent ranks. That being said, all I have is the one rank currently since they come 3 to a box. But I'm hoping to expand the unit later.
     So, do I give them shields? They come with Light armor, so we'd be looking at a 5up save with a 6up ward in close combat. I kind of dig that. Not to mention the conversion ideas for what to use as a shield for a giant bull-man. However, if and when they frenzy, they lose the parry save and we're hoping they stay frenzied, so...
     Last but not least of the weapons, I think I shall kit them out with Great Weapons. They're 5 str already. Giving them a 7 almost ensures they'll be swinging at 2up to wound on everything they hit. And with a WS 4, they're hitting at 3up against most of the large things I'd want to throw them at. Great weapons can also be used to full benefit by the 2nd rank. There's also something psychologically daunting to your opponent in plopping down a unit of big fellas with monstrous weapons. I dig it.
     Now, do I want to go full command with this unit? I know the extra attack from the champion is welcome, and a musician is nigh invaluable in 8th but do I really need a standard bearer? They aren't allowed magic standards and I think this unit might be a great place for a Gorebull BSB, so do they really need their own guy waving a flag? As I'm planning on running a Gorebull BSB, I'll probably model up a standard and play with it as normal for now, or at least until I get another box of bulls.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Blog Hiatus

I'm taking a break this week and next from the blog in order to get everything in order for my upcoming wedding and the subsequent honeymoon. I should be back the week of the 18th with new pictures and stories.