Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We built this city...

     In a couple of weeks I ding again in this crazy mmo we call life. Pursuant to that, we've been receiving packages at the house that my wife squirrels away in her side of our Gimondo Closet of Doom®. Recently, however, she surprised me with one a bit early. I think in part because she was just as excited about it as I was once I figured out what it was. And more than likely due (I'd bet mostly) to the fact that I was the one who checked the mail and brought the box in. The box with the very large print on the shipping label. The very large print on the shipping label that said, "Wyrd Miniatures" as depicted to the left.
     Heck, I can almost make out the word in that tiny pic without clicking on it to zoom in. So yeah, the sender did somewhat give away the contents, but honestly, I was still surprised as I wasn't expecting this one at all.