Monday, February 14, 2011

Alamo 40k 2011

So my wife and I have registered and paid for the 40k Alamo tourney this year.
She will be bringing her frothing-at-the-mouth-for-blood-and-skulls Khornate marines.
I've decided to bring....

That's just it. Like a dieter on a cheat day faced with a menu full of goodies, I can't make up my feeble mind. Do I go old-school and bring along my Black Templars, especially now they've received a cool FAQ update?
Do I cry havoc and let loose the wolves of Spaceyness? I've got some Thunderwolf cav foaming at the fang to jump into combat and tear some folks up.
Do I give in to the urge to spread decay and plague and bring along a force of marines devoted to Grandfather Nurgle? My Daemon prince likes that idea.
Or do I try something new and field my counts-as Blood Angels army, the Sons of Saint Arnold. They who thirst for beer, not blood.

All four options should allow for some unique and characterful conversions as I'm not really up to 2000 points with any of them yet. And each one sounds like a lot of fun. To be honest, I hadn't even considered reviving the Templars until just now, but I can picture my land Raiders, driving across the table to disgorge their contents upon my opponents. Jump packing marines, some armed with sword and shield descending to deliver the Emperor's mercy. And let's not forget, the holy hand grenade. 1, 2, 5! 3 sir, 3!
I've put together a 2000 point Nurgle list and it looks so much like my wife's khorne list that I fear we'd be the Christmas pal armies, my green to her red as our choice of chaos power would be the only real difference.
I've attempted to build a wolf list and a blood angel list, but just couldn't quite finish getting it all on paper.
Maybe I'll try my hand at building a Templar list and see if I can finish it. I'll get all 3 together and see which list look likes the most fun.

Happy wargaming.