Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Arrrrr you done shooting?

     Not too terrible much on the gaming front currently. I've played 2 whole Warmachine/Hordes games since the new year started. Lost to pThagrosh in a 15 point game. Yes, I know eMorv is a bad choice when you can't run infantry with her, but I had to try her out. Happy Birthday to me. Did I mention she's on a goat? Traded in some older gaming books for credit at the store and walked out with her for ten percent of her retail price.
     Ran eKaya against a Bart/Galleon list at 35 points and squeaked out a win. Holy crap the Galleon gets in a ton of shots and the mercenary league warjack, those ghostly mariners, are serious business. Having shadow pack up is, most likely, the only thing that kept me alive. Enjoyed how the skinwalkers work with their shiny new Alpha UA and can't wait to run them with either of the Morvahnas. Also, I've come to realize I need a second warpwolf stalker. There are some tier lists out there that I just can't run stalker/Ghetorix in. Not to mention character restrictions on lists at most tournaments keeping him with only one caster.
     Got a shiny new board game from some very good friends. What is it? Well...