Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wolf Lord WIP

Started the chop work on the bear I'm using for my Wolf Lord's Thunderwolf mount.
Using a walnut for the rocks he'll be standing on.
Got the bear up onto the base, and started putting him back together.
Got the right arm and paw up as if he's swiping.
And I'm just going to let the green stuff dry for now...
Once it's done I'll see about adding my Wolf Lord to his back.
I'm picking out the pieces I want to use for him at the moment.
Got the frost axe, storm shield, chest, head and cloak. Just need suitable legs and a good arm for the frost axe.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big Bear

Working on a Wolf Lord on Bear (Thunderwolf) for my Space Wolves army.
That big bastard is going to be hacked apart and repositioned and will hopefully be the model I've been looking for to create a suitably impressive mounted Wolf Lord. That's a 60mm Dreadnought base I placed there for scale. This fellow will be truly massive when finished. I should have placed a mini probably, but there'll be one in there soon enough to show how large he is. I think I'll call him Bjoerg.