Monday, January 3, 2011

To Do in the new year and beyond....

Not a resolutions post.
Not a post really in and of itself.
More of a to-do list for myself to refer to on what projects I'm currently working on, what I need to work on, and what I think I want to work on.

Space Wolves
  • List - Complete the army list
  • Thunderwolves and Fenrisian Wolves - Assemble and paint
  • Lone Wolves - Assemble 2nd and paint both
  • Wolf Lords - Assemble 2nd, repair first and paint both
  • Grey Hunters and Transports - Paint 

The Purge
  • List - I have 1,000 points, need a 2,000 point list for tournies
  • Assemble the 2nd thousand points
  • Paint - Finish trim on first 1,000 points, paint 2nd thousand post-assembly

    Deathwatch (RPG)
    • Ulvir - Paint
    • Apoc - Paint
    • Maynard - Assemble and Paint
    • Bolverk - Assemble and Paint (40mm base with ghostwolf)

    • Absorb Rules
    • Create Team lists
    • Paint Teams
    • Start playing at the LGS
    Sons of Saint Arnold
    • Finish List
    • Design Decision (Reg Marines or mix with Dwarf Bits)
    • Assemble/Paint
    Black Templars
    • Build List
    • Finish Painting
    • Build List
    • Finish Assembly
    • Paint
    • Assemble and paint Minotaurs
    • Paint Gors
    • Repair and paint Shaman
    • Finish Painting