Monday, January 28, 2008

Ugh, and Improper planning

So yeah, Moving sucks.
Spent the weekend moving my worldly possessions into the new place.
Haven't finished 100% as the previous occupant still has some junk to come pick up.
Should be finished tonight or tomorrow night.
As I was planning on sleeping in the new place last night I packed accordingly.
Since the room I am moving into isn't completely emptied out yet, there wasn't enough room for the bed, so that didn't get moved, and I slept at the old place.
Woke up this morning to an achy back from hauling crap, and the realization that my work clothes, and my toiletries were at the new place.
Well, found a pair of pants in the closet I haven't worn in a while that fits and does the job.
Found the 'emergency' stick of deodorant in the truck.
So everything was pretty much covered over, except for shampoo. I ended up washing my hair with hand soap. Does the job well enough...
I am looking very forward to getting everything finalized in the move and being able to just relax this coming weekend. Super Bowl eh? Giants, Patriots, meh. I'd rather root for the Bud Bowl teams at this point, but it'll be something to relax in front of.
On a light note, an interesting article as sent by my father: What I like to view as proof that obsession and Fanboy-ism isn't a strictly American undertaking.

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