Thursday, April 10, 2008

Better late than never...

So yeah. I'm a little late on this observation, but it didn't occur to me in all the excitement end of last month to note it.
It seems like just about anywhere I go out in this town, I see some chick wearing those furry boots. The amount of fur on the outside, or on the inside peeking out, seems to be a completely random decision based on whatever factors the individual wearing them wants to take into account at that time.
These things are a cold-weather item. Ironic that we see them so often in this warm-climate of Texas. A pet peeve of mine I guess.
Well, interesting side-note, while in Indiana, I saw these boots on people just about as frequently as I see them here in Texas BUT it was COLD there. It's the cold-weather clothing in the habitat it was developed for!!!! Novelty really I guess, but amazing nonetheless.
Also, I think I saw actual galoshes on actual feet for the first time ever. Ever.

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