Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The First Rule of Fight Club is.....

So I'm getting ready to leave work.
I check my email one last time to see if anything new has popped in.
Lo and Behold, I see 2 emails, both from No-reply.
The subject of one is Welcome to the EA Mythic forums.
I quickly search recent memory thinking, did I sign up for some Warhammer forum or something?
Then I notice the 2nd subject line... "Warhammer Online Beta Greenskin vs. Dwarf Patch Now Available"
That's when I realize, "I did it" I lucked out. Of the random hundreds of thousands of applicants, I get to be a beta tester. woot.
Downloading the thing as we speak. Should be finished soon.
Then I get to try it out tonight.
They have a pretty comprehensive NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
There are 2 rules to the Warhammer Beta as far as permissible disclosures go.
We as BETA testers can only acknowledge:
1) The fact that there is a Warhammer Online Beta Test currently underway.
2) The fact that you are a member of the Warhammer Online Beta Test.

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