Monday, July 14, 2008

GRRRR - A rant on W:AoR

Ryan says (10:11 AM):
Ryan says (10:21 AM):
Ireally don't know if i want to even play their damn game now
Casey says (10:32 AM):
ok ya thats stupid, only because they want it out before christmas so they can be greedy and get there money
Ryan says (10:33 AM):
I'm tired of gaming companies putting their fucking product out before its finished.
Ryan says (10:33 AM):
that''s what beta testing is for
Ryan says (10:34 AM):
the gaming public are not their fucking beta testers. Gamers are your CUSTOMERS
Ryan says (10:34 AM):
you run an alpha and a beta test to ensure you have a quality product
Ryan says (10:34 AM):
I've been in the last 3 'focus' sections of beta, and haven't even seen the content they say is unfinished and crappy
Ryan says (10:36 AM):
rather than allow people to be playing it now, and giving feedback, they're just going to shelve it and maybe release it later, while they really just hope that people will accept the half-assed offering their giving us and be sycophantically impressed by it that we'll forgive them for taking half the product away before we get it
Ryan says (10:38 AM):
and maybe, eventually, we'll just forget that those classes/cities ever existed and just forgive them and accept the crap we're actually "allowed" to play with. This is the same thing Blizzard did with a ton of shit that was supposed to be ready at retail release, not the least of which was hero classes (which I apparently STILL haven't forgiven them for even 3.5 years later)
Ryan says (10:38 AM):

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