Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alamo Bound - Work begins

It has begun. I've received the first of the items I need to begin building my army for Alamo. While I have a good number of space wolf models and have been play-testing lists already, I want to make some new toy soldiers for this tournament and I want them to stand out.
To that end, I'm shamelessly borrowing from the fellas at the Space Wolves blog and using their idea for pre-heresy grey hunters as shown here.

     What you see above and to the right are the micro art studio bases I ordered. Winter Shale. They don't look like much in the package, but painted up they look great and my 3 squads of grey hunters will definitely stand out on the battlefield between the great bases and the striking conversions. Let's just hope my modeling and painting skills do the bases and conversions justice.
     I picked up 2 boxes of fantasy warriors of chaos and will most likely pick up a third in the coming weeks. I'm going with grey power armor for my wolves with colored shoulder pads marking the different packs. Even though I'm not overly fond of the color, yellow figures into the grey hunter shoulder markings quite often so one of the squads will have yellow shoulder markings. That is, if I can get a semblance of shoulder pad under the fur lining of the cloak/collar. I imagine the squad that travels with the rune priest will have blue shoulders as a nod to the codex librarian armor scheme and I'm not sure of the last, but white seems to come to mind.
     I have a special idea in mind for the rune priest that travels with the grey hunters which I am particularly excited to get around to and will continue to post army progress updates and photos as I progress.
Until next time, good hobbying...

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