Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What did Krampus bring?

     No rusty chains or bells here; just a ton of minis resulting in some glued together fingers. This was a very Geeky Christmas. From the Bat'Leth my wife received from my father, to the 7 board/card/dice games that were gifted, not to mention the piles of minis, a good time was had by all. The year 2011 marks the culmination of over a decade of hard work in attempting to get my little brother to start miniature wargaming as he has, in fact, picked up the Khador flag and is waving it proudly, alongside the faction book we gave him and his shiny new Karchev warcaster...

Werewolves of London?
     Aside from the 2 items mentioned for my brother, the list of Privateer Press loot received consists of some new trolls for my wife (her first foray into hordes and away from her Cryx) including the Troll battlebox and a unit of kriel warriors as well as a box of warpborn skinwalkers for me and 3 satyrs (2 Gnarlhorn, 1 Shadowhorn). If it isn't evident from the photos, we were given a copy of Settlers of Catan as well. If you haven't played it, I highly recommend. Where else can you say, completely innocently, "If you've got sheep, I've got wood"?
Wanted the Gnarls since MkI
     With our recent move to Warmachine and Hordes only for tabletop wargaming I feel like I should count the days since I've played 40k, like a recovering alcoholic. I'm 4 months clean now, heh. But I digress. With the new wargaming focus, I want to focus more on getting my figs painted and based as well, something I've been very lax on in the last decade or so. I've assembled everything I received for the holidays and with the next dry day we get here I'll be priming my entire circle force in batches. I'm not sure if I want to go with an autumn scheme or a winter one, but it will definitely be one of those 2 seasons I paint and base around. This should help with getting my brother involved in painting and basing as well since he and I may be playing some doubles games or tournaments coming up and a unified theme would look great.
     As I work on a theme/scheme I'll put pics up and see what works. Until then, hope you had a great holiday season and received whatever plastic/metal/resin crack you were hoping for...

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