Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We built this city...

     In a couple of weeks I ding again in this crazy mmo we call life. Pursuant to that, we've been receiving packages at the house that my wife squirrels away in her side of our Gimondo Closet of Doom®. Recently, however, she surprised me with one a bit early. I think in part because she was just as excited about it as I was once I figured out what it was. And more than likely due (I'd bet mostly) to the fact that I was the one who checked the mail and brought the box in. The box with the very large print on the shipping label. The very large print on the shipping label that said, "Wyrd Miniatures" as depicted to the left.
     Heck, I can almost make out the word in that tiny pic without clicking on it to zoom in. So yeah, the sender did somewhat give away the contents, but honestly, I was still surprised as I wasn't expecting this one at all.

     So, what was in the box? I don't play Malifaux (yet) so I'll let you guess what it was. Don't want to guess? Ok, ok, it was... Terrain!
     Yayy!!! Terrain, woot!
     What, you aren't as excited as I am about putting things down on your gaming table that both add to the aesthetic as well as provide strategic value? Oh, you are? Great! Here it is: The Buildings of Malifaux, Terraclips style.
     To be honest, I wasn't too impressed by the box. I mean, it's only an inch thick or so.  It's barely larger than a pop-up book for kids. How much stuff could it possibly hold?
     Well, after we took out all of the sheets of printed cardstock (there a good number of sheets) and punched everything out, we had quite a few piles of walls, doors, floors, and some things I had no clue what they were for. We figured out the stairs and the ladders from the print on the back of the box and by then, lunch was over and my wife had to head back to work. I was off though and spent the next couple hours checking out youtube videos of how to assemble these bits and bobs while cackling maniacally and slowly building some sort of mansion... or coach house, or... something...
     By the time she made it home from work I had a decent sized 1 story together and had chosen the reddish brown side of the roofing tiles to cover my dwelling with. In contemporary times, I guess I'd have a small 1 bedroom house, or "tiny home" with a large attached garage, but on a 4'x4' table it covers enough space to be a great out-building or peasants cottage. since my building venture had turned out so well, dear wifey wanted to try her hand at assembly so I dutifully passed the bucket-o-clips over to her to see what she could do with them.
      She wanted to build a cabin, so she snagged a large center floor square and 2 smaller ones for rooms off the main area. Once she had those together and walls put on, she decided it was time for me to assemble the roof. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was perusing the tubes of you-ness again and discovered the intended use for the 2 types of pieces we had not previously discerned a use for. They are balconies and their railings. With this new wrinkle in my brain, I set about constructing a second story for her cabin and included a wraparound balcony. You can see the two stories, side-by-side to the left.
     I like that you can simply make the footprint of a building match that of another and magically, they can become separate floors in the same building, or with another roof, individual buildings. All told, I'm really happy with this birthday present and I still have a ton of bits left over to make more buildings with. Without the camera flash, the clips don't stand out as starkly on the buildings and I like how I can pull them apart and start over if I want a city block with taller buildings, more outbuildings or even a horde of one-room shacks.
     Wyrd miniatures, I dig your buildings set and plan to pick up either the streets or sewer pack in the next month or two as well. Who knows, with some interesting city terrain, I might could spark interest in the gang again to start a new league and return once more to the desolate and dangerous streets of Mordheim.

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