Friday, August 24, 2012

Hobby time?

     So many things to do these days. So many concerns. Fitness, housekeeping, gaming, work, family, hobbies, business opportunities, etc... With all that to worry about, how to find time to do all is what I'm working on now. Obviously, working on minis, painting, converting and playing with them is a priority for me, especially since I picked up the big guy over there at GenCon. Yes, I have my own stone gorilla now. Oook, Oook, Ahh Ahh! I have special plans for him.
     The key though, is how do I implement all the plans I have. It's easy to decide I want to eat better, or to walk more or paint more but how do I put that into action? What I'm finding out is, you just do. Like Nike says, just do it. Make the time. That's what I'm working on now. Making time. Making time for the hobbies I want to pursue, making time for the beer I want to brew, etc... We'll see how it comes out. Oh, and here are some highlights from GenCon:

Wookiee on stilts - Horrible quality, I know.

The promised land.

 Masses of humanity.


 Awesome terrain.
 And of course, Zombicide!

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