Monday, October 22, 2012

Clash was great. My record, notsomuch...

     Had a great time at the Clash for a Cure this last weekend. Picked up a door prize (see the pic over there). Received 2 Windsor/Newton Series 7 brushes in my swag bag. Lost my first two games on Saturday. Tied my third. Even with 3 tiebreakers, we still just ended up with a tie. Won my fourth. Baldur and constructs with Tharn vs. eHaley and her bonded stormwall. Came in on Sunday and my dwarves were eliminated first round of the Highlander by eMadrak and his trolls. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the results of the raffle. Talk about a fistful of dollars raised to fight cancer.
     All-in-all, a good time was had and I can't wait for next year's event. Maybe by then I'll be fielding fully painted lists. We shall see.
A couple table-shots after the fold:

Here's setup for game 1, Kromac vs. eAsphyxious:
     I learned I need more experience playing against cryx. I thought I knew what most everything in his list did, but I was surprised on a couple counts. Oh, and Cankerworm with a POW 11 armor piercing attack is a great 5 point investment. Banes and ghostly resurrected solos and more banes conspired to kill Kromac and bump me down the lists a bit. I did manage to score a control point with Kromac before Asphyxious put a swift end to him.

     Somehow I forgot to snap a shot from game 2. Played against a Khador pButcher list. I lost to the clock on this one. I just plain ran out of time. My opponent played a good game and his dice were on fire. I couldn't roll damage for beans. The control zones and our armies were a bit too centralized with the terrain for me to go after scenario points, so I keep trying for the assassination. I got an attack in on the butcher and hit on 4 separate occasions, I just couldn't roll higher than 3-4 points of damage. I think when the clock ran out, Butcher had 5 left. Living and breathing butcher makes pBaldur a sad panda.

This is game 3, a turn in:
     Yes, 2 stormwalls and Darius. I was so unhappy to see this list, but to be honest, had I not had to run to the gents halfway through his 2nd turn, he'd have clocked himself. They called dice down and he had 47 seconds left and it was his turn. I also almost got an assassination off on Darius with my Tharn wolf rider reinforcements. I really need to pick up the other two models I need to make that a full unit. We spent most of this game circling each other trading off shots and jockeying for position. Had I been able to get more time in, I think I could have killed Darius, but with what I had left, I wasn't going to be able to take the 2 Stormwalls out of the control zone to get any points.

Game 4, pBaldur vs eHaley and her bonded Stormwall, so we meet again:
     Neither one of us could blow up the objectives, but my bloodtrackers and Nuala were able to make it across the field into my opponent's trenches and poke Haley full of holes with sticks. By this time, my opponent and I were both fairly tired and mind-numbed and I think he made a couple decisions he wouldn't have had we faced each other earlier in the day. We both had a good time though and based on his performance, I've decided I need another wold guardian. Toe to toe with the Stormwall for 3 rounds and he survived to tell the tale. Plucky little bugger.
     On Sunday, I showed up at 9ish and brought General Ossrum , his Rockram, a full unit of forge guard and Brun Cragback with Lug to the Highlander.
I ended up facing an eMadrak list and between his feat and the additional die upkeep he he threw on the fenblades, they made short work of my dwarves freeing me up for a demo game of Dark Age with some Legion fellas from Cool Mini Or Not. I like the bot faction and will most likely be checking them out for the games in our local group. Not sure how far into it I'll delve, but the models look great. It'll be fun to break out the d20s again.

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