Friday, October 25, 2013

In which I become a TO for X-Wing

   This last Sunday, we ran an X-Wing tournament at the local game store. Not a horrible turnout with 8 players. Slightly less than we had at the first evening tournament at Wacon this year. The game is slowly growing on me. I bought some ships at first in the hopes that this would be a miniatures game my wife would want to play with me as she's definitely a Star Wars fan. Turns out, she's still not a miniature gamer. I wasn't initially hooked either and I think that has a lot to do with the initial release of the game having only 4 ships. With little variety, you kind of get lost in the sameness of it all. Ah well, the game has grown on me and has grown in scope as well to encompass 12 ships now with more looming on the horizon...

     I haven't really settled into choosing a faction, Imperial or Rebel, but I think I'll end up fielding whatever allows me to throw the most defensive dice.
 As there seem to be a lack of ships with high agility on the rebel side, I'm currently leaning toward the imperials, but I've yet to try out the multiple A-wing list I want to run, so we'll see how that turns out.
     The big ships currently available add some great aesthetics to the gaming surfaces when surrounded by the fighters so it all looks very visually appealing. Especially with a black 'space' backdrop and some small asteroid tokens spread out on the board. I want to carve some asteroids out of foam and paint them up to add to the terrain. I've got a couple card-stock planets that look great on the playing surface and I want to get some more printed up in addition to a nebula or three. 
     This all runs dual duty as our gaming group is just about to start a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire role-playing campaign and the ships and terrain will make space encounters that much more cinematic. It also helps that the first two of the larger silhouette ships to be released are the  yt1300, Millenium Falcon style, Corellian light freighter, which the starting adventure entails the party obtaining one for personal use and the Firespray 31 class patrol and attack craft like Slave-1 which I plan to create a bounty hunter NPC to follow them around in as they'll all start out wanted by a Hutt. Fun times. =)

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