Thursday, February 28, 2008

Off the reservation...

Some people make reservations every year that they may or may not stick to.
This year I made an outline of the things I want to change and/or see changed:

1.) Get a new place.
a.) Get more organized at home.
b.) Get a spot to work on minis.
c.) Get painted armies for the games I play.
2.) Get Casey here.
a.) Get her a job.
3.) Get in better shape.
a.) Physically.
b.) Mentally/Emotionally.
4.) Write Something.
a.) Minis game.
b.) Flesh out the world for novels.
c.) Novel
d.) Supplement material on the world of Balance for Lore Forge.

Update to the outline so far:
1.) Done
1a.) Working on...
Daniel ( the roommate that is staying) and I have cleaned up the house, moved the living room around so that we have more space now, built a shelf to house my movies and TV shows on dvd (instead of using Wendy's French Fry boxes), created a dining area, complete with table and chairs, and I bought a dry erase board that we can leave and/or keep notes on.
The other roommate, Chris, as soon as we move him out (this weekend) will create a void in the house that can easily be filled by more projects like:
1b.) and 1c.) These will be covered by converting my current room into a workspace/computer room after I move into the master bedroom.
2.) This will be accomplished during my 'Vacation to Indiana' which begins in 18 days.
2a.) I think she has begun calling around the local hospitals and whatnots here in the hopes of at least getting some contact info for HR people or dept. managers.
3.) No real work on this yet. at all.
4.) Does a blog count? (Not really)
I think these will be easier when I am A.) Not spending all my time on the computer playing games with Casey in an effort to have 'together time' despite our geographic distance from each other, and B.) settled into a room that actually has something of a 'work here' feel about it once we get the study or w/e up and running. (Once again necessitating that Chris get moved out, and soon.)

So yeah, my update on 2008.

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