Friday, February 1, 2008


Visit my City.
Every time someone visits it, it gets more people.
More people means more options, like industry and security.

I figure, if it look like I'm not going to get a good presidential candidate, or at least one that shares my beliefs on what we need to do for America, then at least I can rule my own little piece of the internet.

Ooo, also... My New Prediction, hehe: GOD's Ticket for America
Mitt Romney - Republican Presidential Candidate
Mike Huckabee - Republican Vice Presidential Candidate

I can definitely see these guys trying something like this.
Doubt highly they will, but it would be humorous.

Whatever happens, don't vote Hilary. Obama, McCain, Romney, Your Dead Great-Grandmother...
Anyone, just not that evil harpy who is hell-bent on legislating the hell out of my Video Games.

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