Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Wolf Lord, Bad Macro Lens

Well, these are being taken with my phone, which is wonderful for pictures in the 4-6ft and beyond range, but as there is no macro function, they aren't great. My lighting leaves a bit to be desired as well I see.

Here's the Big guy, up on his bear:

Back view:

Here are 2 of my Thunderwolf cav:

This is my fiance's demon prince that we are setting up for wings:

And this is the debris I had left over on my desk from drilling out those holes:

Guess I should have worn some protective lenses.

Next project - Magnetizing.
I've magnetized a few of my tanks so I can swap out side panels and sponson weapons to go from Rhino to Razorback to Predator. I'm currently magnetizing my wolfguard termies so I can swap out weapons.
I'm planning on popping the arm/axe off my wolf lord so I can magnetize it and a thunder hammer to give him some options.
The thunderwolves will be getting the same treatment. Bolt Pistol or Storm Shield arm, Thunder hammer / Frost Weapon arm (maybe even wolf claw) for the "leader".

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