Thursday, July 29, 2010

So... No needles pulling thread here.

Today's post brings about 2 things:
1.) A tourney/con attendance announcement
2.) An experiment in progress.
Hopefully both will aid in the expansion of creativity, and further my mini-wargaming Hobbyness.

1.) WARGamesCon
My fiance and I will hit the road tonight, on our way down to Austin in preparation for tomorrow's 40k Doubles Tourney at WARGamesCon.
We've booked our room at the Doubletree. We've assembled and painted our armies (Mostly painted, basecoat/drybrush/Primary color. Hope to get some armor trim painted and maybe a wash, but will most likely be doing mini basing at the hotel tonight).

Alas, in the frenzy of preparation for the event, and in introducing the little woman to painting I've neglected to take any WIP shots. I will have the camera on hand this weekend and will take many pictures, including a couple of our armies together, I promise.

We're fielding a Chaos Marine list of joint Khorne and Nurgle forces.
She's running the Khorne side of things and I'm bringing my plague boys.
Wish us luck.

2.)MOAR Blogging
I'm adding my blog to the list of sites I load up daily when I get to work (gmail/google reader/timesheet) in the hopes that this will encourage me to use the blog more.
I'm working with our FLGS on a new project and I think not only that, but my attempt at further immersion in mini-gaming and less reliance on video-gaming will help me get back into the hobby and become a bit more socially active again.
We'll see if I can't up my post count from one every 3-6 months to at least once a week if not more than once. Fingers Crossed.

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