Thursday, September 23, 2010

Massive creation engine needs fuel...

     So this isn't a food blog, but I must admit  I am a fan. Therefore when I come across something share-worthy on those rare occasions, I feel I need to pass it along. And this week I've come across 2 such shareable places.

     The first we visited last Tuesday night. Deadfish Grill in Belton, Tx right on the lake. Hindsight tells me I should have taken a few more pictures. At least one of the lake if not our food as well since the lake was just gorgeous and the food was very interesting. I did manage to snap a shot of the daily special menu and yes, we arrived on Tuesday as it was Fish Taco Tuesday.
     I can't say enough good things about how great the restaurant looks. It's got a great casual atmosphere and a huge deck with a commanding view of Lake Belton. The sun was still up and it was fairly warm outside so we opted for a table near the window as opposed to camping out on the deck. About when we left, as it was getting cooler and the sun had dropped below some trees, would have been the ideal time to sit out on the deck.
      Not a great shot of the specials, but here they are:
Monday - Happy Hour all night, all you can eat catfish $10
Tuesday - $2 fish tacos
Wednesday - Bottle beer @2.50 Domestic, $3 Import
Thursday - $4.50 Wine (any by the glass, except port)
Saturday Happy Hour is 9-11pm
Sunday Happy hour is all day, $8 bottomless mimosas from 10am - 2pm

Not a bad list of specials.
     As we showed up on Tuesday night, I ordered 4 tacos, 2 each fish and shrimp. They came with 'Texas' slaw and pico de gallo on flour tortillas. I forgot to ask for no slaw on mine and realized it about halfway through my first Land Shark. Oh well, I figured I might as well try the whole flavor and see what I thought. The fish was really good. I liked the flavor and it was grilled just right. The fish combined with the slaw and the pico, however, just tasted slightly off. I ended up just eating the fish out of those 2 tacos. The shrimp tacos, on the other hand, had an amazing flavor blend. Something about it all just clicked and I devoured those 2 with my 2nd Land Shark draft.
     All in all, I give DeadFish 2 enthusiastic thumbs up and will definitely make the trek out to Belton to eat there again. I wish I'd known about this place before we booked the restaurant for our rehearsal dinner for the wedding. It's that good.

      This delightful image is from the 2nd restaurant I wanted to share. Gerik's. I knew them only as a Czech bakery in West, Texas. They make great kolaches. Recently, they opened a cafe in downtown Waco and my fiancee and I went to check it out.
     The day we went, the special was Sausage and Sauerkraut with a drink and 2 sides for $7.75. I was expecting something like a small plate, just enough to fill a to-go container with some wonderfully made sauerkraut, red potatoes and green beans. What I received was this monster here.
     I ate roughly half of it before I realized I was going to burst if I ate any more. We put in a to-go order for a burger for my little brother and snagged a container to take the rest of my lunch to my mother as she hadn't eaten yet and loves sauerkraut even more than I do. This is what the container looked like after packing it with the left over half of my lunch. For $8 I received 2 full meals and a drink. You can't beat that price, especially with as good as the food was. The green beans were flavorful and the potatoes were a great even complement to the abundance of spice in the sauerkraut. Well worth the visit.
     My fiancee ordered a burger and tater tots. She's used to downing a double or triple meat cheeseburger and making it at least halfway through the fries, if not finishing them entirely. I don't think I saw her eat more than 2 tots and I had to help finish off her burger. This thing was quite the tasty burger. I find it humorous on occasion, watching her attempt to cram a huge burger in her dainty mouth, but with this one I actually felt sorry for her. I thought she was going to have to eat this with a fork. She's tough though and she made it through it. There were many mmm's and ahhh's during the course of her burger ingestion. Or at least I think that's what I heard as I was busy stuffing myself with sauerkraut and green beans.

     If you get a chance to head to either of these fine establishments, do so. You may not feel like doing much beyond taking a siesta after eating there, but I tell you, it's worth it.

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