Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Project Complete: Shelving

Yeah, yeah, I know. Real exciting. Well, for me it is. I've always had my minis stored away somewhere in a box in a closet. I haven't ever had any space set up to display them. I think this will be not only an excellent motivator to get me excited about finishing more models, but a great tool to aid in model completion. With all of my possible projects (or at least a good number of them) lined up in front of me where I can see them daily, i can see what I need to be spending time working on and it won't be as easy to 'out of sight, out of mind' them in favor of other activities like video gaming.

I'm slowly (glacially even) moving my projects onto these shelves and getting them set up to work on.What you see on the top shelf currently are my Thunderwolves which I have 2 more to add to that need building. On the bottom, left to right, are the chimera dnd model I'm using as a stand in for my mountain chimera (Transformation of Kadon - Lore of Beasts) until I get the new one modeled up for my Beastmen army, A can of Quickshade which my fiancée will be using on her clanrats and I'll be dunking my Gors in, One of my fiancée's berzerkers, a set of balrog wings and a carnosaur for my Transformation of Kadon Dragon, some bases from Sweden, 2 Deathwatch characters and a headless gor. Like I said, started moving things slowly. Our local group's making a big push to get in more fantasy games and I'm currently playing beastmen in them. I've got some ungor that need rebasing over to 20mm from 25, and none of my beastmen have a lick of paint on them, not even primer, so that'll probably be my next project, but we'll see. Until then, the Thunderwolves keep staring at me and prompting me to add to their number...

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