Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Minos in Progress...

     Started on the minotaurs last night.
I'm going to need a second box. I LOVE the great weapons they provide for these guys. I think I'll be converting up some of the hand weapons as Frost weapons for my space wolves. Or at the very least, power weapons.
     So far I only have the musician complete, but I'm planning to assemble the champ and standard bearer this evening after arriving home from work.
My only complaint about the figs are the feet. They look like human legs and feet with hooved 'toes'. And yes, in traditional greek mythology the minotaur was simply a man with a bull's head, but this is my goat-man army! The minotaur art in the army book on page 35 shows hooves and goat legs. Sheesh, the giant box set has a hoofed foot option even.
     Ah well, it could be worse. These guys are a definite step up from the last minotaurs we had access to from GW. I've got more minos to work on, and another box to pick up... As always, happy modeling.

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