Monday, December 6, 2010

Hobby Project: DeathWatch

So, the rumors flying around are that the Grey Knights will be coming out in 2011.
I'm looking forward to it. Not because I want to play it, but more because I love the Inquisition of the 40k universe, their organization and the background story and fluff. Ok, maybe I want to play, a little.
     However, the Ordo Malleus 'ain't my bag, baby' so I've gone and got meself an idear. I love the ordo hereticus. Maybe it comes from my first army being Black Templars, but the witch hunting inquisitors are my favorite. I'm not wholly enamored of the bolter chicks of the sisters of battle, but give me a suit of power armor, a tall wide-brimmed hat and a combi-bolter/stake-crossbow and whee... Hours of enjoyment. The mention of the Grey Knight book losing many of the iconic inquisitorial units has saddened me somewhat, but when they finally get around to the ordo hereticus we'll see what we shall see, I guess.
     My focus here though is on the random thoughts percolating around in my brain currently. The spark that popped up at the thought of a new book of marines running around with inquisitors. Ordo Xenos and the Deathwatch! The DW role playing game has just released this year and with it has seen a resurgence in my local gaming circle of people buying deathwatch shoulder pads and converting up figs for their RP games. Back in the day, I pointed up (and started converting) a deathwatch unit for my Templars.  The idea of a specialist unit with different ammo, suspensor-assisted heavy bolter and non-termie lightning claw craziness appealed to me immensely. With the recent trends of 'counts-as' armies, I asked myself, "why can't I do that?" and couldn't think of a good answer in the negatory.
     So it looks like one of my next personal projects (once I finish the wolves; and I promise myself I will finish the wolves) is going to be a Deathwatch 'counts-as' Grey Knights army once their codex hits. There are a few more projects on the project list and hopefully those posts will be up soon. Putting these down on 'paper' as it were, helps me focus on what I need to accomplish these things and actually makes the projects seem more real to me and less a pile of ideas that I'm never going to do anything with.

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