Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alamo Bound - Work continues

Remember those resin bases? Well they've all been primed, painted, washed, snow-flocked, re-washed and re-flocked. I'm done. I dig the way they look and they'll make the minis on them really stand out.
That being said, I'm on to model assembly. With a near finalized list I've just realized that I have about a month to get these guys assembled and painted. Today's April 14th and the Alamo event starts May 14th. Let's see what we've got so far...

First up is my infantry Wolf Lord. He'll be riding around with one of the Grey Hunter squads. I've given him Runic Armor, the belt of Russ and 2 Wolf Claws. As he'll be swinging 3+ to hit most of the time I don't figure I'll be using the re-roll to hit, but with the prevalence of T4 marine and ork armies being able to re-roll the 50-50 shot on the wounding will be nice.

And So far I've got 1 wolf guard assembled.
I'm fielding 3; 1 for each of the Grey Hunter units I'm bringing along. This one is armed with the Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield combo that seems so popular with Terminators. The other 2 are currently in the list with 2 wolf claws, but I think I like the visual of the storm shield and may be replacing the claws with a shield and hammer. Or at the very least, a shield and Frost Axe.
So far, the pics are pretty bad. Forced the flash in order to get a bit more light in there and failed as I was rushed. As I assemble more I'll set up a proper light-box photo shoot in order to show them off better.

And last but not least, I shamelessly stole the idea for using the chaos warrior torso and cloak from the fine fellows over at SpaceWolves blog so I have to give credit where it's due. Their pre-heresy army looks great and really got me excited about converting up some Space Wolves!

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