Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Like a fin on the water...

     So many projects looming on the horizon like the proverbial fin heralding the sharks' arrival. I have far too many models lining up on my tv tray. For the foreseeable future, my focus will be split hobby-wise on different systems. I just picked up the Storm of Magic book for Warhammer Fantasy and I'm feeling an urge to give 8th edition another go. As my dwarves aren't the most adept magic users out there, I plan on bringing the beastmen back out.
     Does this mean I won't be working on anything but my warherds? Of course not; I still have the attention span of a mentally-challenged fruit gnat on meth when it comes to what interests me in my gaming, so this is merely a diversion, a side-track if you will...

     So yeah, Storm of Magic. I picked up the book and boy is it pretty. There's some substance to it as well, but it's definitely made to catch the eye. After seeing the full color army books for Khemri and the orcs, and now this book, I must say I'm happy with the direction GW's printing is heading.
     I had our lgs owner pick me up a copy of the spell cards that come in the plastic grimoire case as I figure I can fit my lore of beasts, lore of the wild and the wife's skaven spells of plague and ruin in there giving me a case to carry the spells I want without having to bring the rest of the deck to the shop for gaming.Not that cards are heavy or anything, I just lose things, y'know?
      So the beastmen are seeing a return to the table. We're starting off our local Storm of Magic gaming at 1,000 points, meaning I don't have to create a huge army yet. I think my forces will look something like 2 units of gors, some minotaurs and 2 bray shaman, but we'll see once I fire up Army Builder what I can throw together. I hope to have some w.i.p. shots of the army soon in additon to the other projects I have simmering on the hobby burner.
     For now, I have my work cut out for me. 1,000 points of beastmen and at least 4 arcane fulcrums to gather before gaming this week. I plan to try and theme my fulcrums for my army, but between using herdstones and big creepy trees as unit filler and fulcrums over and again, I'm going to have to get creative in my terrain crafting.
     Storm of magic is only the first of several projects I've decided to commit time to recent and as such will be one of roughly 4 hobby ideas gracing the pages of the blog here in the coming months. As to what the others are, I leave you with this photo, the mysterious contents of which are to be covered in more detail later:

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