Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The culprits and a special message...

     And here they are. The little buggers that have lured my wife away from the claws of chaos. So far, she's received a battle box for her birthday and assembled the reaver jetbikes and the raider. She's clipped off and parted out the warriors, but they haven't seen any glue yet. As she grows more excited about this new army, I get more excited about her expansion in the hobby.
     Her current chaos army started out as one I picked up from a buddy/coworker that was leaving the hobby. I picked up roughly 32 berserkers, a Bloodthirster, a defiler, a couple of rhinos, one of the metal Daemon Princes circa 4th edition and a number of unassembled bits and bikes for about $200 if I remember correctly. I only played it a very few times before she moved down here and once she became interested in the hobby, it was only natural to hand it over to her. Before she moved in with me, we played a ton of Dawn of War multi-player games remotely and she always gravitated towards Chaos.
     She's enjoyed this army, and expanded it, but it wasn't wholly hers; even after she stripped and repainted everyone, so I'm eagerly awaiting her finishing this Dark Eldar force as it will be her first real hobby project 100%, from inception to completion. As she reads this blog, this, as well as the battle box, are both a bit of a pre-birthday present because I want to let her know how proud I am of her and, especially after hearing some of the horrible "anti-gaming wife stories", how thankful I am that I have a loving, caring partner who shares in my interests and would kick my butt if I ever let her win instead of her earning it. So here's to you babe. You earn my respect more and more every day. Happy Birthday and I love you!

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