Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Look at the shiny...

Here's another edition of "hey, what do you guys think?"

     It occurred to me the other day, while looking for something in my minis, that I have a good number of Orks from the assault on black reach set. As I can't seem to focus on an army long enough to see it through to a completed painted status, I figure it's time to start a new army, right?

     Orks mainly hail from 6 different tribes. Here's the brief rundown from the Lexicanum:
  • Bad Moons - The richest Ork clan, due to their teef growing quicker. The closest thing Orks have to a merchant class.
  • Blood Axes - Distrusted by other clans, the Blood Axes make use of un-orky tactics such as camouflage and even battleplans.
  • Deathskulls - Famed looters and scavengers.
  • Evil Sunz - Speedfreaks and lovers of vehicles.
  • Goffs - Close combat specialists.
  • Snakebites - Staunch traditionalists, distrust many forms of technology.
     As I've always been a fan of ork ingenuity in capturing and re-purposing enemy vehicles, there's really only 1 clear choice for me; Deathskulls. They really seem to personify, to me at least, the essence of orkyness in the 41st millennium. Not only do they use everything they can get their hands on, but they believe. They use blue paint because orks consider that color lucky. They collect 'lucky' trinkets, grots, etc... For a race that believes the color red makes their vehicles go faster, and due to the strength of those beliefs they actually do, this clan embodies the flavor I want my army to convey.
     I started a mental inventory of my miniature shelves and the vehicles that I either haven't assembled, or have assembled, but am not currently using. What I've come up with so far is:

1 Land Raider Crusader - previously 1 of 3 in service under my Black Templars
1 Rhino - Missing hatches and side doors; thus perfect for an ork looted wagon
1 Tau devilfish - This vehicle has the hammerhead weapons and I think the skyray missiles
2 Land Speeders - As useful as they can be, I can't bring myself to use them in my space wolf army
Various Chaos bikes and Ork DeffKoptas - These should convert over nicely as ork bikes

     After rounding those up I sat down to build a list and this is the 2000 points I want to run:

120 = Warboss - Power Klaw, Twin-Linked Shoota, Attack Squig, Eavy Armor, Cybork Body
120 = Big Mek - Kustom Force Field, Burna, Eavy Armor, Cybork body

180 = Burnas x12 - 3 meks with 3 big shootas (for more dakka!)
150 = Lootas x10

345 = Nobz x5 - Bikes, Big Choppa x2, Power Klaw x2, Painboy, Grot Orderly, Cybork Bodies
185 = Ard Boyz x12 - Shootas, Big Shoota, Nob, Big Choppa, Trukk, Red Paint, Grot Riggas
152 = Boyz x12 - Slugga/Choppa, Nob, Power Claw, Trukk, Red Paint, Grot Riggas
143 = Boyz x18 - Slugga/Choppa, Nob, Power Klaw
95 = Deff Dread - Rokkit x2

Fast Attack
135 = DeffKoptas x3 - Twin-Linked Rokkit Launcha x3
45 = Warbuggy - Twin-Linked Rokkit, Red Paint, Grot Riggas
45 = Warbuggy - Twin-Linked Rokkit, Red Paint, Grot Riggas

Heavy Support
120 = Battle Wagon - Big Shoota x4, Red Paint, Grot Riggas
105 = Looted Wagon - Boomgun
60 = Looted Wagon - Big Shoota, Grot Riggas, Armor Plates, Red Paint

My vision for the army includes a blending of the army list and vehicle list above, as well as the mystery bitz bags below that  I mentioned in a previous post. How is it all going to go together? Stay tuned to find out...
Tracks, Raider Hull, whut is it?

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