Monday, May 14, 2012

Down the pipe...

     One of my new favorite minis is coming out soon from the fine folks at Privateer Press. As a player of both the Blindwater Congregation and Circle, I'm really looking forward to this 3 point utility solo. Granting a unit both undead and tough? Now there's a guy I want running around with my voodoo gators throwing mojo here and there. As if the Gator Posse wasn't already built like a brick house. Throw in a guy who can tag along behind them and increase their survivability, and can then turn them into Pow 16 missiles? Color me excited. And here I thought I was done building on my gator force for a while. Ah well, back to the wishlist. Looks like I still need this guy, Wrong Eye and Snapjaw, a second gator posse and a feralgeist or two. Might as well add Maelok to the list of models to pick up while I'm at it.

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