Thursday, December 20, 2012

Before we brew...

     Before we brew our own, we had to try out the Kegerator* and see how it works. Well of course the proper beer for operating our keg fridge here in Texas would be Shiner Bock. I did the math and we got 15 gallons of tasty tasty beverage for around six cents an ounce. That's great considering it sells in bottles for roughly eleven cents an ounce.
     So here we are, my brother, myself and Andrew looking like a pack of rejects from Swamp People or the catfish show standing proudly around and blocking site to, the kegerator. Got the tank filled, the keg installed and enjoyed a number of tasty, albeit foamy, beverages last night. Just need to figure out the proper pressure on it and we should be good. It's working fairly well and to be honest, I can't wait to get some Cornelius kegs and get our own brew in there.

*every time I hear that it still sounds like a dnd character name to me. Kegerator the Barbarian! Wielding his massive axe of Inebriation. He shall vanquish your thirst!

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