Monday, December 31, 2012

Things to come...

     2012 comes to a close tonight and in looking to the future, I'm already starting to make plans. For 2013 I want to make a return to wargaming in league, tournament and casual play. For the last few months I've been consent to make up excuses not to head down to the shop and partake in the hobby. In the coming year my hobby motto will be: Get in more games!
     I also hope to to hit the homebrewing hobby, hardcore. I shall dub 2013 the Year of Beer as I branch out from the 2 passable batches of Mead we've made so far to making dozens if not hundreds of batches of homebrew. Obviously, for legal reasons, when I say hundreds, I am referring to 1 gallon batches, and no more than 200 at that as ours is a household of 2 or more adults.
     I'd like to get some painting back in on the miniature hobby side of things. I've had some of these minis for over a decade and it's high time they get some color.
     I'm shedding my shelves of GW. I haven't played a GW mini game (or video game come to think of it) in over a year and a quarter now, and I have to say, I'm not missing it. That being said, ebay, here I come... The funds from which should help fund both my Privateer Press gaming as well as the homebrewing.
     Speaking of homebrew, my lovely wife supplied me with a year's membership to the American homebrew association, so I have tons of content to go through over there. So much to learn and do. Can't wait.
     And lastly, maybe an idea for the brew-pub/bakery combo:
   Have a happy new year's eve folks and we'll catch you on the flipside.

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