Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to the grind...

So, Casey and I returned home safe and sound from WARGamesCon and even got some 8th ed fantasy gaming in on Sunday.
Played in the 40k Doubles Tourney Friday.

Lost to a Father/Son Daemons/Orks team in the first round. 20Something to 2. Brutal loss.

The daemons consisted of 2 Bloodcrushers units, 2 Plaguebearer units, a unit of 4 Flamers and a Herald of Tzeentch. The orks were 2 warbosses, 2 units of nobs, 2 trucks to dirve them around.
I think our main problem with these was unfamiliarity with the daemons and how they play as well as not having played 40k since the alamo tourney. I immobilized my dread on a difficult terrain roll which shouldn't have happened as they treat terrain like infantry does, not vehicles.

Second game was a win against a Necron/Necron team. 18 to 15, not a huge win, but We'll take it.
A monolith, 2 hvy destroyers, 3 or 4 destroyers, A lord on foot, a lord on destroyer body, 1 unit of immortals and 3-4 units of warriors. My plague marines in the center of the table stood tall through all manner of fire/combat, summoned old stinky eventually and wiped out the immortals. Casey zerkers chased necrons almost off the board (curse you monolith) and took the objective in their deployment zone.

Game 3 really looked like it was going to suck going in. 2 Lash Princes, 2 Defilers, 2 Vindicators and 22 Blood angel jump troops. 19-12 win, who knew.
What you don't see in the pic above are the 2 vindicators. What you do see are 2 dice-tin standins for the craters that we caused the vindicators to turn into. On the front left corner of the hill above the craters is one of my 2 Obliterators. He shot a vinnie in the rear armor with a twin-linked melta. Kablooey! Center-Right are Casey's zerkers that ran up and popped the other one. All the vinnies got to do was immobilize 1 rhino. We killed the princes, then the defilers and after taking 2 objectives and contesting a third the day was ours.

All in all we had a great time and our opponents were great, even when being uber competitive.

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