Monday, June 20, 2011

On the road again...

     It's time for another 1,000 point game. In my ongoing mission to find the right thousand points to field next to wife's tide of Khorne, I got another game under my belt this week with yet another new list. Depicted on the left is where our game was at about the middle of turn 3. We finally remembered, somewhere near the end of the sixth turn, that we were supposed to roll for random game length at the end of the 5th. So with a roll of 1 on the dice, the game that was shaping up to become a 6-turn draw promptly rolled back to 5-turn draw instead.

     My opponent was the ever-pleasant Ankrom herald of Abaddon. That is to say, Mike Ankrom, who tends to run Abaddon and his Black Legion cronies. Mike's experimenting with his usage of troops from each of the four marks currently and doesn't really pay homage to any one chaos power in particular. Unlike my wife and I, the kill-crazy Khornate skull taker and the flatulent Nurglite plague carrier, respectively.
     In this most recent list, I did away with the demon-possessed Vindicator and suicidal obliterator in order to try out a unit of havocs. The list went a little something like this:

 - Daemon Prince - 175 pts; Wings; Mark of Nurgle; Psyker; Warptime

 - Plague Marines x7 -  226 pts; Plasmagun x2; Rhino
 - Plague Marines x7 -  226 pts; Plasmagun x2; Rhino
Heavy Support:
 - Predator - 135 pts; Daemonic Possession; Autocannon; Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Havoc Launcher
 - Havocs x7 - 235 pts; Icon of Nurgle; Autocannon x2; Missile Launcher x2

Total: 997 points

     I wanted to try out the havocs as they looked like the Long Fang squads I was using in my Space Wolf army. Sure enough, they perform just like over-priced long fangs. I took 7, partially to fulfill the sacred number, and partially to have a few extra wounds to pull off before impacting the heavy weapons. The icon of Nurgle was really taken for theme as I was certain they'd be getting hit by weapons that wouldn't care about the extra toughness. I gotta say, 50 points for theme, way too expensive. All-in-all, I wasn't impressed with the Havocs.
     The more I see them played, the more I like Defilers. Ankrom has one and it's been in every list he's run that I've seen. My wife has 2 and they consistently perform well for her. So the next list I put together will include a defiler and we'll see how things turn out from there.

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