Friday, June 3, 2011

To Infinity... or at least WARGamesCon

So here comes the Next Big Thing™. Now that Alamo 40k is over, our eyes turn toward the event we'll be attending in July, WARGamesCon.

WARGamesCon is a full weekend of GW and Privateer Press events in July. Casey and I will be participating in 2 of the doubles tournaments, 40k on Friday and Warmachine on Sunday.
As Warmachine is a new game for her, we'll be getting in a fair number of games soon in order to increase her familiarity with the game.
40k, on the other hand, is old hat for her and she's eagerly awaiting our Khorne/Nurgle traitor marine match up. I bring the plague, she hunts for skulls and a fun time is had by all. Which brings us to today's entry in this corner of the blogosphere. My list. That which I will bring as my half of the poisoned blade my wife and I are trying to drive into the heart of the Imperium of mankind. Or, as i like to refer to them, The Purge. No, it's not some new diet fad. No, it's not what happens when you drink water in Mexico. (Although that last one's closer to home.) I am fielding Nurgle plague marines of the traitor warband The Purge, dead set on their mission to exterminate the living from the galaxy.
So my contribution to our force is 1,000 points of Nurlgey goodness. Here's the list I fielded last night and had a good time with:

-Daemon Prince 180 pts; Wings; Mark of Nurgle; Psyker; Wind of Chaos

-Plague Marines x7 226 pts; Plasmagun x2; Rhino
-Plague Marines x7 226 pts; Plasmagun x2; Rhino

Heavy Support:
-Predator 145 pts; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Daemonic Possession; Dirge Caster; Dozer Blade; Autocannon; Heavy Bolter; Havoc Launcher
-Vindicator 145 pts; Dozer Blade; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Daemonic Possession; Demolisher Cannon
-Obliterator x1 75 pts

HQ: 1
Elite: 0
Troops: 2
Fast: 0
Heavy: 3
Total Roster Cost: 997

All-in-all, driving up and firing 8 rapid-fire plasma shots into something (or 10 with the oblit as well) tends to make them sad. I'm not sold on Wind of Chaos yet, but I like some sort of additional utility with the Daemon Prince.

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