Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Road to WARGamesCon... The final days.

     Ever notice how with Berserkers it all turns into a big rugby scrum in the middle? At least that's how it seems to end up for my wife. Her berserkers charge forward, kill kill kill and then are left with either too few troops to withstand the resulting hail of incoming fire, or end up getting wiped out in combat. Just seems like that 3 up armor save isn't enough to keep the boys in business these days. This post titles mentions final days and serves a dual purpose. We're looking at the final days leading up to the 40k doubles tournament at WARGamesCon and we're looking at what appear to be the final days of my wife's Khorne Space Marines army in the field. At least until either CSM gets a new book, or 6th edition makes sweeping changes. Time will tell.

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