Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Circular Logic...

     So yeah, got to thinking that I needed to get my Hordes figs painted. Felt good after getting that first Satyr done, so I decided to apply myself to the project and get my Circle army all painted up to a tabletop quality standard.
     To that end, I've spent the last 2 nights assembling, re-assembling and priming my minis. Most of my collection was already assembled but we had a mishap with a woldwarden and some Tharn bloodtrackers last night that needed to be addressed. I also just picked up eBaldur, so he was crying out for super glue as well.

     I primed in the dead of night mainly, with only the porch light for company, so I'll be touching up the black undercoats this evening, but aside from some minor filling in from various angles, here's what I have to paint:

The contents of those 2 pictures are:
3 Tharn Wolfriders
10 Tharn Bloodtrackers with Nuala the Huntress
pBaldur, eBaldur and Morvahna
1 Gnarlhorn Satyr and an Argus
6 Shifting Stones and 1 Keeper
2 Sentry Stones and 6 Mannikins
2 Woldwardens, 2 Woldwatchers and 2 Woldwyrds
3 Warpborn Skinwalkers
1 Blackclad Wayfarer
The Lord of the Feast
2 Tharn Ravagers
Brun and Lug (I know they aren't Circle per se, but they will work with them)

Not pictured but primed are:
4 Tharn Ravagers, 1 Chieftain and 1 Shaman
1 Shadowhorn Satyr
1 Gorax
Kromac in both forms

And last but not least. Not pictured or primed:
eKaya and Laris
6 Druids and an Overseer

That's the list. All my Circle to date. I'll be priming the last few figs tonight as well as filling in some spots I missed in the dark. Not sure how long this is all going to take to get painted up, but I'm fairly excited about the prospect of getting a fully painted force and I intend to document the process, so we'll see how well I do.
Until next time, may your damage rolls come up boxcars and command checks snake-eyes...

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