Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not Kudus, KUDOS!

     Seems like great customer service experiences are so few and far between these days that when one comes along, I feel like it should be celebrated. Consider this post to be part rant, part review and part kudo. Is that the word? When one gives praise, it's referred to as giving kudos but is the singular term kudo, or like deer and sheep is the plural form the same word? Who knows.
Enough digression...

     Advanced Deployment is a company that makes what I refer to as "Gamer Bling". The handy accessories that make our gaming experience somewhat easier and add to the visual effects. They have accessories for just about everything that involves miniatures as well as terrain that's greatly portable due to how easy it is to break down and pack up.
     Pictured here are their stone wall templates (they have fire and brick versions as well). I ordered two of them as I have 2 WM/Hordes casters with the rock wall spell (eBaldur and Gorten) and my wife plays Trollbloods as her minion faction so she'll need one to use with Janissa's Wall of Stone (*Action). Since we've been playing in a journeyman league recently which almost exclusively utilizes the Kill Box scenario, I also ordered a pack of the AOE corner markers which come 12 to a set. These have come in handy so far marking out the kill box area and I'll be using them in the upcoming Gnarls league also as I noticed some of the scenarios have rectangular zones that players will vie for control over.
     Following narrative structure, every good story has 3 sections, setup, conflict and resolution. Where the conflict comes in for our would-be tabletop hero is when, alas, he receives the order in the mail and notices that only 4 aoe corners were shipped along with the walls instead of 12. Oh no, what to do, how will he ever save the princess now. (My wife hates it when I call her princess, heh.) As any good online business should, Advanced Deployment has a contact page with an email form, so I filled out my question (basically, "Did I order the single set of 4 or the triple set of 12 corners") and contact info and hit submit. Ravyn responded back rapidly that it was an error on their part and the rest of my order was in the mail.
     Which brings us to resolution. A few days later, I received the contents of the picture to the right. The 8 other corners I had been expecting as well as a set of the blank basehuggers by way of apology for the error. All was taken care of in a timely and friendly fashion and as a result, I've been able to check out another product they offer and will be making another order in the near future to pick up a number of the basehuggers in various sizes. I'm enjoying using them to keep track of upkeeps and game effects.
     So, if you're in the market for some "Gamer Bling", I suggest you check out Advanced Deployment and see what they have to offer; great products at reasonable prices from friendly fellow gamers.

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