Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alamo Bound - Assembly Complete

The countdown to tourney has begun. We're at the 10 day mark now. Friday after next my wife and I will be packing our armies (and our friend Mike) into her car and heading down to San Antonio to crash out on our friend Scott's apartment floor like a couple of kids passed out under the Christmas tree eagerly awaiting Santa's visit.

 I can't wait. Even if my standings at the end of the weekend turn out like they did last year (yes that's me dead last, but damn if I didn't have a great 2 days of gaming) as long as I meet some new folks and get some good games in I'm happy to have made the trip.
I have completed the assembly phase of building my army, and the weather forecast for the next few days calls for sunny skies and a temp in the 70s so I should be able to primer everything and start my painting. I plan on getting a game or two in this weekend and if I'm lucky, those games might be with a half-painted army. Only time will tell.
Last weekend I had to make a trip in to the nearest GW store (a mere 120 miles away) since my LGS once again forgot to order something I requested. I had to pick up a final box of chaos warriors for the last 5 cloaks I needed but everyone's complete and whole now. And of course, when heading into a store where all you need is a $35 box of minis, that's all you walk out with, right? Right... So we spent more like $120 and I ended up with a shiny new razor saw, some more paints and a few of the most recent White Dwarf mags that we've missed out on. Really do wish I'd been able to spend that at the local shop... Oh well. We also picked up a great double-sided poster with the final Horus-Emperor showdown on one side and the various and assorted space marine chapter heraldry on the other side. Good stuff.
I've got a good feeling about this army build and can't wait to get a few games in. As it stands, I've got this week to paint, this weekend to play, next week to add finishing touches with a few more games Thursday night and then whee, off to San Antonio on Friday. Can Not Wait.

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