Thursday, May 19, 2011

Remember the Alamo... Day 2

     Day 2 of the Alamo event started out with a game against another Space Wolf player, Jason Walker. Completely different composition to what I brought. His army consisted of 2 units of long fangs with a twin-linked lascannon razorback for each and 4 drop pods. Leading the charge for him was Ragnar Blackmane with a Rune Priest running backup.

     This was a weekend of firsts for me. First real game against imp guard, first game against shooty blood angels and my first real game against a drop pod army since the marines could do it pre-model back in what, 3rd edition?  He ended up getting first turn and dropped 2 pods in front of my objective. his other 2 came in later and dropped in to reinforce his objective.
     I ended up with a dreadnought left that was immobilized and had no arms, so I wasn't tabled but I might as well have been. This was yet another game that served to point out just how important the shooting aspect of the game is and how although you may have great close combat troops, if they can't get to their target, they can't perform in their intended role. Flash forward to lunch, some mis-timing on our parts and a rush back to the tourney hall in order to catch game 5. A fun time had by all.
      Game 5 took another first for me. My first game against Dark Eldar in the new edition. Yes, that's my arm in there. My opponent's girlfriend was MIA with the camera and he wanted to get a shot of the table just before he unleashed hell with the 5 venoms he brought. Those things can only carry 5 troops each, but wow, 2 cannons that are heavy 6 on each one? So 60 poisoned(4+) shots per turn with a 5 up invul. Yeah, that hurt. A good bit. 12 dark lances and 10 splinter cannons was just too much for me. I took out all of his troops save 1 unit, which with Asdrubael Vect's squad, ran up and wiped me off the sole objective either one of us had chosen to take.
     So, 5 rounds of gaming, 5 losses and many lessons learned. Awards came at the end of the day and not only did my wife end up with the Seguin Cavalry (Fluff Bunny) award and a copy of Incursion, but I also walked away with loot. Justin Hilderbrandt (Dashofpepper on came out on top as overall winner this year and walked away with a Baneblade kit which he asked be given to the gamer that came in last place for the weekend. And that's the tale of how I came in last at the Alamo, 2 years in a row, and walked off with a Baneblade. Guess that's just my Texan nature shining through. Next year, I'm taking Nurgle.

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