Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Locked and Loaded...

     Or, the cool stuff I gleaned from following blogs that posted about Lock and Load weekend. This is the 2nd annual L&L convention for Privateer Press and details regarding the pending Colossals book were strewn about the place like so much dirty laundry. Updates were lying about all over the internet this last weekend. I greatly enjoyed following it all. And while I am excited about the release of the Colossals, not playing one of the main factions for Warmachine (card carrying member of the Rhulic tough-love party here) I'm really only interested in one model in that book. General Ossrum. Here's the infantry caster my Dwarves have long desired. But I digress. Over the course of the weekend, other tidbits were dropped and pictures were displayed. Here are the ones I'm all fired-up over...

Thanks to G'DayBloke and pals!
     The WoldWrath! Mr Rockman himself. Welcome to WWF the Wold Wrestling Federation and prepare to get gorilla-punched. I do believe I will be picking one of these up the day they release. If, however, they're coming out at GenCon and it's a matter of this or the IKRPG book, I'm prioritizing the book. In a perfect wold though, (bad, I know) I'll be snagging both of these in my snazzy (as yet unfinished) Baldur costume. Yes, that's right, bearded and costumed as the friend of the wolds in-person. Let your nerd flag fly I say.
Screenshots from Youtube, yayy!
     Continuing on with the Circle love, a little birdie tells me (actually the L&L staff panel youtube vid) that we're getting a plastic infantry kit for Tharn with bows that doubles as a ravager kit. This is great news. I'm a big fan of the ravagers, and Tharn in general, and this kit should give me an interesting new way to differentiate my second unit of ravagers from the first. Cannot Wait. Let's not forget that the kit is intended to provide a medium-base multi-wound ranged unit. I'm hoping they're Tharn Ravager Archers or some such and retain the ravager title so the Whitemane's tactic works for them as well. If they end up with treewalker as well (and why shouldn't they) I'll be bringing pBaldur and my woldwardens to a lot more fights. A new theme force for pBaldur that contains construct beasts and Tharn would really make my day.
     My favorite Circle warlocks are Kromac, Baldur and Morvahna, pretty much in that order. Epic Kaya is growing on me (mainly due to Forced Evolution on my shadowpack-ed Satyrs) and I'm currently dipping my foot in the waters of the pool that feeds Cassius' and Wurmwood's root systems. So, as long as it wasn't Krueger I was fairly certain I'd be happy with the new epic warlock for Circle. That is, until I saw the banner. Now I'm ecstatic. Morvahna on an antelope. He has horns reminiscent of the Shadowhorn Satyrs'. If this at all hints at us receiving more goats in the book, I cannot begin to describe how elated that will make me. There are few problems I face in my opponents' armies that cannot be solved with the proper application of "More Satyrs!"
     And that just covers the Circle releases. There was minion-y goodness as well to geek out over. There was so much awesome to see and hear about, from the two new warlock units (Makeda3 and Grim Angus2) to the battle engine warlock (Lylyth3), I'm really going to have trouble containing my excitement until the Gargantuans book releases in 2013. Until next time, /Geekon...

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