Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The main attraction Casey and I felt for WARGamesCon was the doubles tourney.
She and I have played a few team games with friends locally and had a blast.
So logically, we assumed (and rightly so) that a tournament based around team gaming would be a great way to spend a day.

This was touted as a 'Hobby oriented' tournament, so we were hoping we'd see none of the WAAC (Win at all costs) army lists and more fluff or story based lists.
For the most part we just saw what people would normally bring to a tournament. Which is to say a good mixture of both.
In some cases, however, there were some really funny combinations and/or stories much like Team Twilight:

That's right, Space Wolves and Blood Angels, Wolves and Vampires, working together.
I don't know what's up with the statues, whether they have some story significance, or if they were just there for objectives or coolness factor, but they look neat. Again, any chance to poke fun at the Twilight phenomenon I'll take.

I dug the mounted Orcs/Wolves gang. Obviously a tough army, but the theme worked together well.
I didn't get to check out their army story, but these guys (2 of the Hogs of war bloggers) had an interesting visual theme. Made me think of a galactic biker gang almost (for which some dark angel ravenwing or white scars would have been cool), or even a cowboys and indians style set up.

There were 2 guys who had met in college that brought a joint White Scars army.
It was very visually impressive and they were almost our first opponents (due to a computer error, teams/tables were redistributed).

I also really enjoyed the idea of a parent and successor chapter joint force.
These guys brought 2 seemingly identical forces from codex space marine painted up as Imperial Fists on one side and Crimson Fists on the other. While it looks cool with these 2 thematically, I can't help but think a team army consisting of Imperial Fists and Black Templars would be cool as well. Not to mention the added synergy with the assault strengths of the Templars combined with the firepower of the codex chapter (Fists).

And who can go wrong with Space Wolves.
These guys have it all. Good ranged firepower, great assault troops and a building to hide in as well:

Hmm. Those all seem to be marine armies. I've really got to try harder to embrace the Xenos.
Well, there was a great looking Eldar/Nid force.
Craftworld Hivefleet or something like that.Wish I'd gotten to read their story.

We did face 2 gents from Lubbock (although 1 lives in Amarillo now) who played necrons. Wish I'd gotten a better picture or three of their army but I posted the only 1 we took in yesterday's blog. Had a great time playing them and it was a very close game.

I guess I really don't have too much to grouse about. The only army I thought was really over the top personally was the twin lash-prince chaos army with 2 defilers that ran with the Blood angel jump pack troopers who brought 2 Vindicators.
And to be honest, we played those guys and we won that game. Just goes to show that having the right toys, nasty as they are or can be, doesn't help as much as using what you have properly.

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