Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunday Wargaming

My local gaming group consists of Myself, my fiance, my former roommate and his brother and our buddy Wes the drug rep.
My fiance is the youngest player in our group at 28 and Wes is, well we'll call it his late 30s. We've been fairly gung-ho on 40k, but have all caught the WHFantasy bug with the release of the new edition and are taking our minis up to the shop on Sundays to duke it out. In preparation for the upcoming escalation league that the shop will be running, we're using lists of the 600/800/1000 point variety. I'm really enjoying these smaller point games. You can get some really quick games in (when you aren't learning exactly how evil the skaven are) and with the new terrain rules, the random generator and some of the mysterious types of terrain you can have a really neat looking and fun battlefield. I feel a terrain workshop coming on soon...

Things we've learned recently about 8th edition Fantasy:
Dwarf Rangers are dangerous

Warriors with Great weapons and thrown axes who can start the game within 12 inches of your opponent. Very nice!
If you really want to be disgusting, Make a unit of Longbeards into rangers. Ten strength 5 throwing axe attacks anytime someone tries to charge them. Add a cheap thane with a great weapon and rune of stone on his armor to the front rank and you've got a serial killer leading the charge.

Gors are Good!
Yeah, yeah, I know they aren't painted yet. I'm working on it. At 8 points each, they're basically orcs with a 3 initiative. The extra hand weapons as opposed to shields means that they'll be dishing out 21 attacks in combat and if you've discovered (as I have) how amazing Wyssan's Wildform is, the signature spell for lore of beasts, they're throwing those attacks at strength 4 with a 5 toughness.
The only real downside to the beasts is their low leadership.
I plan to fix that in the larger games by taking a Beastlord, but until then, my general is my lvl2 shaman.
We've feasted on Man flesh (Empire) and Elf flesh (Dark Elves) but the rat things scared us off with their shiny contraptions.

Stone throwers are mightily effective.
Of course, Keg throwers can be fearsome as well...

Until next time.

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