Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm a bad blogger...

Got some gaming in this weekend.
Hit the LGS Saturday afternoon around 1 with the fiance looking for some of our friends to meet us there for some smaller games of Warhammer Fantasy.
Since we have an 8 week escalation league coming up (2 weeks at 600points, 2 at 800, 2 at 1000 and 2 at 1200) and considering the new edition just hit and we're all still learning it, we decided to get some smaller-point value games in so we could get more in and get more experience with the new edition.
What we forgot, however, was to bring the camera. So, we don't have any photo-goodness for your eyes to feast on, hence the bad blogger title.

I brought 600points of Beastmen.
1 level 2 shaman with the ring that gives you fireball as a bound spell.
2 units of 19 Gors with full command and extra hand weapons.
5 Warhounds.
1 Tuskgor chariot.

I got to play 2 games, both against the same opponent, just with different armies.

Game 1 vs the evil Dark Elves.
He brought
10 warriors
10 warriors
19 crossbowmen
1 hag (level 2, but with some magic item that gave her another spell)
1 repeater bolt thrower

We placed some terrain on the field and, deciding to be a bit bold, declared our 1 forest as a "mysterious forest" in order to check out some of the new terrain.
I've been taking the lore of beasts as I prefer the spells there to the ones in the lore of the wild. (and I've managed to roll transformation of kadon in each of the 4 games I've played so far)
I have to admit, Wyssan's Wildform, the signature spell from beasts, is rapidly becoming my favorite spell. I can't wait till our armies grow to the point that I can fit in another shaman and get a crack at throwing 2 of these a turn. S4/T5 Gors with 2 attacks each are nothing to sneer at. In combat that's 21 attacks I'm throwing out at S4.
Well, the forest turned out to be a dud, the crossbows killed a few gors, but at s3 against a t5 target (w/ wyssan's) they didn't do much damage.
On turn 2 I was in combat. Not to mention that on the turn I charged the gors, the shaman threw transformation of kadon (at the higher casting of 20+, 19 for my beastmen) and it went off with irresistible force. In the ensuing miscast, my shaman lost his wizard levels, but as he was a mountain chimera already, the damage was done. 4d6+1 attacks at strength 8 (wyssan's strikes again) is pretty brutal.
Unable to dispell my crazed shaman-icore, I ate through the rest of the elves in the ensuing turns.

Game 2 I was pitted against the Arch Lector and his state troops.
He brought
20 Halberdiers
20 Swordsmen
10 Handgunners as a detachment for the swordsmen
1 Hellblaster volley gun.

Emboldened by our use of the new terrain in the last game, and somewhat disappointed that the forest had turned out to be an ordinary forest when we rolled for it, we decided to utilize the random terrain chart.
We rolled up:
1 building (watchtower)
1 Wizard's Tower - If you're within 3" of this with a wizard you know every spell from your chosen lore.
2 Mysterious forests - 1 we never made it into, but the other was a blood forest.
3 6" sections of blessed bulwark - although we just kind of made a 14" or so wall on the empire side of the board.

The blessed bulwark had no effect on my shooting as I have none, but it did ensure that his swordsmen who were defending it struck before my beastmen instead of simultaneously with it.
Wyssan's Wildform served me well yet again and I learned that unbreakable swordsmen can be a pain in the butt to chew through. I half hoped my chariot would break from combat a couple of times so I could rally it and charge back in, but I made my break tests and my gors lasted longer than the swordsmen.
Primal Fury combined with Wyssan's wildform is what won me those fights and lead to the hellblaster and the Arch Lector being the only 2 models left in his army while I still had 3/4 of my beastmen, my chariot, 2 of my dogs and my Shaman still alive.

I can't wait to start upping the points values and fielding some minotaurs and/or my giant.

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